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DBS3 is a handicappers tool which will help you monitor line changes and keep up on all the factors that might influence the prices for Sports Betting. If you are new to Don Best check out the "DBS3" and "Getting Started" sections. To learn about specific features of DBS3 take a look at the "Advanced topics" section.

Some background and an overview of key DBS3 concepts
Installing DBS3 A quick guide on installing DBS3 to your PC.
Logging on to DBS3 How to connect to DBS3 for the first time with your username and password

Getting Started
General screen setup and customization to suit your needs.
Button Settings How to customize which buttons are displayed on your main screen.
Casino Settings How to set up the casinos you'd like to view odds from.
Color Settings Controlling the colors used in DBS3 for line and game changes.
Search Search for specific games across multiple sports.
Shortcut Keys Set up quick keys to make navigating the screen easier.
Sort Settings Choose the order in which games are displayed on the screen.
Sounds and Messages
Manage the various sounds and alerts used to notify you when things happen.
Sport / League Tabs Choose which Sports and or Leagues should appear in each tab.
Tab Filters Customize which leagues show up in your sports tabs.
Time Settings Various settings related to game start times.
Zoom Settings Save space on the screen for more lines by abbreviating team names and hiding select columns.

Advanced Topics
Setting up custom views, alerts and other options.
Custom Columns Set up individual Sports Book columns to show the lines you want to see.
Custom Tabs Decide what leagues you want to see in your own tab.
Email Alerts For players on the go, Email alerts can send messages to you when various events happen on the screen.
Game Notes The Game Notes feature allows users to create notes for a particular game.
Halftime Settings Special configuration for when games go into halftime.
Line Seeker A tool used to notify users when a specific line is available for a particular game.
Major Line Moves A tool used to notify users when major line changes occur from multiple Sports Books.
Multiple Profiles Multiple Profiles allow users to save different sets of preferences within the same DBS3 client installation.
Print Allows you to print information from the screen.
Recent Changes View line changes as they come into the system in a timestamped, scrolling list format.

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